by Platini

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I stay low key, you niggaz don't know me
Do me dirty once? My nigga you owe me
I roll up and then i smoke mine slowly,
and think about why the world got me living coldly
About the nights that a nigga was lonely
popping pills back to back talking to my O.E.
I just wanna talk to my homies (rip)
got me feeling lost cuz no one showed me
I wanna leave but misery wants to hold me
I wish somebody told me, exactly where this road leads
I hate my father for the things he never showed me
...but i thank him, for the pain that he showed me
I love my momma cuz she tried her best to mold me
I should've stayed home but i fell in love with those streets

Fell in love with selling drugs, ducking from the police
robbing niggaz for their work, now everybody knows me

Im just talking bout the old me
because the new me? Cant get no sleep
Im waking up in cold sweat, thinking about regrets
blunts full of Xanax
and coke to relieve the stress
Im just a mess
looking at the man in the mirror like "whats left?"
To even make me wanna see tomorrow
till then ima drink away my sorrows


Im just getting high all by my lonely/
popping pills, back to back, talking to my O.E./


released May 12, 2014




Platini Florida


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